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A warning for all our clients and for those who are yet to become one.
A partial clone of our site has appeared, so we warn everyone about the risk of investing.
The cloned site is

We hope that this warning will be useful to many who plan to invest their money

FutureBih Team

Aug-17-2022 07:20:12 PM


Our recommendation for all users is to set up Two Factor Authentication because security is our number one priority.

Your FutureBih team

May-25-2022 09:08:42 PM


Dear users,
We would like to inform you that in the first month all registered users will have an active referral link, regardless of whether they have a deposit.
Signs can earn a recommendation without paying a deposit.
After the promo month, the referral line will be active only for users who have an active deposit.

Thank you all for your trust.

Futurebih Team

May-15-2022 09:57:49 PM


FutureBih has started working.
We wish you a warm welcome.

Future Team

May-5-2022 11:13:13 PM