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Become part of a promising and fast growing company! Partnership with FutureBih Limited is first and foremost the ability to generate passive income.

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ILimited Memory

In addition to having the capabilities of purely reactive machines, are also capable of learning from historical data to make decisions.

Reactive Machines

These are the oldest forms of AI systems that have extremely limited capability.They emulate the human mind’s ability to respond to different kinds of stimuli.

Theory of Mind

A theory of mind level AI will be able to better understand the entities it is interacting with by discerning their needs, emotions, beliefs.


Self-aware AI, which, self explanatorily, is an AI that has evolved to be so akin to the human brain that it has developed self-awareness.

How the

Predicting outcomes. Another advantage of AI is that it is able to predict outcomes based on data analysis.

Operational automation. AI is able to accomplish complicated assignments much faster than human beings can do.

No Emotional Barriers. AI algorithms do not present emotional barriers, that sometimes can obstruct the success of plans.

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